Interested in some good movies, here are some upcoming movies which are worth a glance:

  • The Dancer Upstairs
  • Raising Victor Vargas
  • The Man Without A Past
  • Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary
  • Amen
  • Spider
  • Love Liza
  • In America Writer/Director of ‘My Left Foot’
  • 28 Days Later
  • The Believer
  • Max This looks AMAZING.
  • Intacto

    Much more interesting than the war on Iraq.

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    A group of Ringling kids and myself went out to see ‘Frida’ at the dollar theater tonight. The story is extremely interesting and the acting combined with the extraordinary visuals really pull you in. They find ways to take certain events in Frida’s life and make a sequence that brings in her art and style. It’s very interesting and some of the shots are quite unique. Overall an excellent movie and I would suggest it to anyone.

    The rest of the night was filled with general amusement and it was nice to take a break from work and get out for a change. That all comes crashing down tomorrow though when I get the pleasure of doing multiple pages of Graphic Design work. I enjoy it, but sometimes it’s nice to do other things to. Pacing is key, go out one night, work all the next day, go out for a little one day, work all night. It’s a strange life but it works.

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    Photography Section

    The photography section has been put back online. It now contains pictures of Sahara Hotnights, Andrew W.K. and some various pictures from around school at night. I do not tout the title of a ‘photographer’ at all. I just simply take a lot of pictures and sometimes, when they are aesthetically pleasing, I put them online in hopes others will find them so also.

    The Photography Section

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    I might be a little off, but I worry about the uptake of a Hydrogen Based economy fairly often. The threat of the Earth more or less destroying itself more and more each year is a scary thing. There is absolutely no reason, other than laziness and quick cash, to not push hard for a Hydrogen Based economy.

    The whole situation is controlled by the ‘chicken or egg’ factor. What comes first Hydrogen fuel or Hydrogen powered cars. There will not be a huge push towards Hydrogen until big corporations see that the people actually want it. I think anyone with a ‘blog’ should link to the article that I found on The article is located @ Wired: How Hydrogen Can Save America.

    Spread the word throughout the community. This is a very important topic. Much more important than the ‘War on Iraq’. Should we be fighting for war or fighting for our independence from foreign oil.

    --- Update ---

    An article over at Salon discusses the steps to a Hydrogen based economy. Showing that switching over won’t immediately stop CO2 emissions but can possibly cut them in half, by using Natural Gas to create the Hydrogen fuel. The ideal situation is to create Hydrogen fuel through electrolysis using renewable resources such as solar and wind power.

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    Workshop Week

    Let it be known that I am not a morning person. This current week here at Ringling is not full of the usual CORE classes but instead we have ‘workshops’. People wait in line to sign up for a week long workshop ranging from huge metal sculptures to making fabrics. I, being the intelligent person that I am, decided it would be fun to learn Flash MX. Big mistake.

    Not only have I learned nothing thus far, I think I know more than the teachers to begin with. I have to wake up at 8 AM. This is comparable to torture to me. None of my classes, except for Friday’s Art History, start before noon. My body has decided it likes this and has thus tuned itself perfectly to this schedule. On Friday I go and lay on the floor and sleep because listening is not necessary. Studying the book most certainly is though.

    I like to work late and wake up late. Waking up early allows me to accomplish nothing in the day. Especially since class goes from 8 to 3 and then 6 to 9. I have a 3 hour gap to try and do some work before I come home at 9 and presumably pass out. I’m going to destroy this workshop today. That is all.

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    External, Internal, Email Links

    Thanks to Netigen I now have color coded internal and external links. Green is for links that are located on the site and Blue are for off-site. The tutorial for that is located here. Extremely handy, and just as helpful is Maniacal Rage’s blurb on Easy Friend Links.

    Subtle things are happening with the site, probably nothing anyone will notice. I’m back at Ringling so updates will be slow. Especially since the network here is being choked because the school was sued by WB and some other company. ‘Sued’ That’s the word on the street anyways. I think they just got the whole ‘Stop sharing files’ letter of authority. Oh well, it’s dismal for the students though.
    Update: Thanks again to Netigen for adding the ability to interpret e-mail links and thus correctly color code those.

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    Spring Cleaning

    It’s not really Spring yet but I’ve already started the cleaning, at least on the website front. Some might have noticed the site go down completely for a few days. Well, I got so frustrated with updating it I just deleted the entire thing and started it from scratch. I now keep templates on my HD, and everything is tidier. Not that it wasn’t before but the site was growing so fast, I was just having trouble keeping track of everything.

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